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A Warp Speed Accelerated Step-By-Step System ANYONE Can Follow (Yes, That Means YOU!)
“I’ve Packed So Much Quality Training, Powerful Information & Incredible Tools For You To Use With This System… This is a No Brainer If You Really Want To Become a Master of These Amazing Skills “- Al…”
A.Thomas Perhacs, Creator of Mind Portal
“I havent really had the chance to thank you for all the service you have provided people with. I thank you very much for the information you have provided me with. I own many of your products but the best one in my opinion has to be the control factor. Honestly it works and I have only had it for a few days, but the confidence you instill in your service rubs on to people, and confidence leads to belief.
I look foward to joining the affliate program and spreading the gift that keep on giving….”
Dante Saab
Discover The Same Techniques, Strategies & Methods Used By Top Hypnotists & Save Hundreds of Dollars…

This New System Reveals The Very Same Methods, Scripts and Strategies Used By Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists and Other Professionals, That Would Normally Cost You Hundreds of Dollars…

Allow me to show you how easy it is to re-program your own mind, safely and effectively without going to an expensive therapist…

Control Factor Works for Both Men & Women and was specifically designed with modules from both the male and female perspective.

I have taken all of my high-powered Hypnotic Influence strategies….and condensed them down to a straightforward step-by-step system that will dramatically improve your life.

But this is no ordinary self help or self hypnosis product or course. And to be honest, I really don’t even like calling it a course–It’s really a full coaching system disguised as a course

I’ve spent the last two (2) years studying what works and what doesn’t…I’ve tested so many different scripts, downloads and self hypnosis sessions you wouldn’t believe it…But you can believe this, and that is I’ve found a system that works better than any other one out there…

In fact, I guarantee you results or your money back! I’ll let you try this out for a full 60 days, and if you don’t get results, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase. Now of course, you’re going to have to use the system to see the results, but I’ll bet you already figured that out, didn’t you?

Meet Your New Coach…

My name is A. Thomas Perhacs (my friends call me Al), and I am the author, creator , and visionary behind the Mind Force Method of esoteric studies… There’s a slight chance you’ve heard my name before. Without sounding arrogant over the last decade I’ve created some of the top books, systems and methods for Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Psychic Training, Meditation, Attraction and other really cool topics…

My books have sold all over the world, and you can find them everywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble online…

But it wasn’t always that way…Just a few years ago, I was a struggling writer and entrepreneur trying to figure out my next move…In 2001 I created a course on a total whim that I called “Manipulation”, and it became a best seller and one of the first Hypnotic Influence systems to hit the market online in a big way.

Since then I’ve created many books, manuals, courses and systems to help people get more out of their mind. I have collaborated with some of the most unique trainers in the world to create some really awesome concepts, methods and strategies!

Immediately Download This Amazing System Today…
subliminal control

Easily Download to your MP3 Player of Choice

Audio files with detailed instruction and examples of how to use this system magnificently.

Transcripts of the methods taught so you can modify them for your own special and unique circumstances

Video Files will teach you the concepts, methods and strategies in this amazing program.

The #1 Reason Why Many Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Programs Fail And How Control Factor Eliminated The Problem and Stacked the Deck so YOU Will Succeed!

The #1 reason most programs don’t work, is they’re not personalized. They are mass marketed and don’t take into consideration the specific controls needed for real change to take place.

If you went to see a therapist or hypnotist, do you think they would give you a random induction without finding out a little about your background, needs, and goals? Of course they wouldn’t, so why would you expect a generic, run of the mill subliminal file to work?

The key to Control Factor is “chunks”- Breaking down the strategies into easy to understand tasks. The other key is full disclosure. I show you step by step exactly what I’m doing and why. It’s like opening the hood to the car and explaining all the details. No stone is left unturned.

It’s all about influencing your own subconscious mind with the quality content you choose…This takes affirmations, self-talk and other subliminal programs to another level. The reason being, is you will learn specific strategies to personalize this to your own needs.

The best thing about this system is that it will be one of the easiest programs you’ve ever done. All you need to do is listen and  follow the instructions on a daily basis and you’ll begin to see results.

“Most Subliminal Programs Are Not Personalized to The Individual. This One Is…”
A. Thomas Perhacs

Just think about it…If you really could change something that has been limiting you for years, what would it be?

Take Back Control
  • Build Your Confidence to New Levels
  • Develop Personal Power
  • Control Your Habits
  • Create a New You From The Inside Out

Trust me…You are just like me. You have things in your life you want to fix. You’re tired of putting up with mediocrity when it comes to the very personal inner issues that we all deal with.

I’ve been there, and if the truth be known, I have to work just as hard as anyone to keep my mental state and power at its optimal level. This is the very same system I use on a daily basis when I want to make quick and permanent change.

I Ain’t Cheap!

I will admit– If you want me to coach you, my current mentoring programs are quite expensive. Many people pay me $297/hour to help them to get this to work for them, and yes I’m worth every penny!

However, I am realistic to know only the tiniest percentage of people can afford my personal coaching, so after much deliberation I’ve decided to let it all hang out and create a program that will be affordable for everyone. I want to spread my message to as many people as I possibly can and there’s no better way than with an “Offer You Can’t Refuse”.

And because I want so badly for you to get this information as well as try out the International Mind Force Syndicate, I am going to give away my Control Factor System…

This System Is Delivered Electronically and Includes The Following:

  • MP3 downloads of the Control Factor System Inductions
  • Separate files for both men and women
  • Fully customizable scripts
  • Online software designed to easily construct, create and rendor your project
  • Several different types of background sounds from music to actual Alpha & Theta tracks
  • Video instruction on how to best use these methods. Detailed instruction for both men and women.
  • Audio Training that you can easily add to your ipod or other media player
  • Transcripts and training documents
  • The complete Mind Force Self Hypnosis System (videos, audios, documents)
  • 30 Days Trial Access to The Mind Force Syndicate

For Only $67! (Until I raise it up to $97)

This could possibly be one of the biggest “No Brainers” of the year for you to get all this information and training for less than $50, plus you get 30 days FREE access to the International Mind Force Syndicate and only $29.95 per month (going up to $49.95!) when you decide to stay a member!

I regularly sell my Mind Force Self Hypnosis system for $47 and that doesn’t even include the “Control Factor” training. This system could very well go to $97, and you can get it for a very limited time for only $67!

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Claim Your Copy of This Powerful System
The Control Factor Script
The fact is I could sell this script for $100 easily because it contains the most thorough implementation of self hypnosis methods ever used. This is the script that has taken me years to perfect and now it’s yours complete with video and audio training to explain every word, every command, every little suggestion I put in here.

You will not find a better Self-Hypnosis breakdown anywhere else…This is why a lot of Hypnotists are mad at me, because I reveal in this script exactly how to hypnotize like a pro!

Format: Instant PDF  & Word Document Access

Price: $99.95 (I’ve charged more than this when doing this for personal clients)


The Control FactorAudio Files

When I finally decided to release this information, I knew I would have to pull out all stops, and that’s exactly what I did here. You get training on the exact concepts of how to do these valuable self hypnosis sessions. You can use this arsenal of knowledge for your self or others. I even segmented it by gender, so there is an MP3 file for men and one for women. I’ve left no stone unturned!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn…
  • Audio #1- Control Factor Brain Storming Session: In this session I give you an overview of how I actually script out an induction for myself and others. This is true behind the scenes stuff!
  • Audio #2- Control Factor Training 01: This is the heart and soul of the program and is an audio copy of the video training, so you can listen to it on your favorite MP3 Player
  • Audio #3- Control Factor Training 02: Part two of the training
  • Audio #4- Powerful Man Audio: This is the actual script in use for men. A self image building session you can use as a sample to build your own powerful inductions
  • Audio #5- Powerful Man Audio-echo: Same as Audio #4 with an unique echo effect.
  • Audio #6- Powerful Woman Audio: This is the actual script in use for women. A self image building session you can use as a sample to build your own powerful inductions
  • Audio #7-Powerful Woman Audio-echo:Same as Audio #6 with an unique echo effect.
  • Audio #8- Subliminal Music Track: I’ve provide a subliminal music track from my collection to use for any of your self hypnosis sessions
  • Audio #9- Sample Music Track-Vortex: Another very interesting track to get you to a deep level of trance to perform your magic

This is your essential tool kit to change your life forever–BELIEVE IT!

Format: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $79.95

The Control Factor Video Files

Video #1- Control Factor Preparing Your Mind

In this video, I’ll explain to you exactly what you should do first with the training. I’ll explain the process and how you can get a jump start to this amazing material…

I actually show you in detail how I prepare for an induction, and all the steps I take to make it happen. I’ve removed the curtain for you to see how the magic starts…

Video #2- Control Factor Training Session Part 1

I have to admit the training I do in these videos is some of the most indepth training I have done to date. I take the script and go through it line by line and explain to you in great detail why the script works. I point out every command, suggestion and reference. This training alone will give you a crash course on how to influence and persuade. This is true behind the scenes explanations that most hypnotists, mentalist or other professionals don’t really want you to know…

Why is that?

Because, they don’t want you to have the same power they do…Well, now you do with this amazing training.

Video #3- Control Factor Training Session Part 2

Part 2 is a continuation of an indepth look into the script and how you can maximize it’s use.

Format: Instant Streaming Video

Price: $49.95

Bonus Training– And I’m Adding My Best Selling Mind Force Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files (a $47 Value!)

The Control Factor Video Files

Video #1- Master Key Exercise Video

In this video, I’ll explain the concept of the “Master Key Exercise” and why it works so well with regards to influencing your own subconscious mind.

This video by itself would provide enough insights for you to obtain a high level of understanding, combined with all of the other tools in this system, provides you with a “Nuclear Arsenal” of Self Hypnosis and Suggestion Tools.

Video #2- Auto-Suggestions Part 1

In this video, I’ll go into the secrets of getting Auto-Suggestions, affirmations and self talk to work for you.

The key to programming your mind is in knowing all of the different modalities, techniques and references to use in order to make sure you are getting 100%.

This video will show you exactly the how’s and why’s of Auto-Suggestions.

Video #3- Auto-Suggestions Part 2

In part two of the Auto-Suggestion Video, I’ll complete your understanding of how to get these powerful techniques to work for you.

I wish I had this set of videos when I got started. It would have accelerated my learning exponentially, and now it’s yours as part of this terrific system.

Format: Instant Streaming Video

Price: $49.95

The Total Control Scripts
When I first released these scripts several years ago, people said I was “letting the cat out of the bag” on how real self hypnosis and influence is done, and they were right. I wanted my clients to know exactly how to do the techniques that would change their life.

There are (3) three separate groups of scripts: Total Control Self Hypnosis Scripts, The 6 Stages of Powerful Self Hypnosis & Super Hypnotic Influencing Methods Revealed

These scripts contain the secrets you need and cover the following:

  • How to Lose Weight Through Suggestions
  • How to Stop Smoking Through Suggestions
  • How to Burn Fat Like a Teenager
  • How to Gain Self Confidence and Esteem
  • How to Reduce Stress
  • How to Increase Sexual Performance
  • (3) Bonus Induction Scripts to Use
  • Learn the Magical Attraction Technique
  • Try This Super Cool Hypnotic Street Experiment
  • How to Conduct “Thought Dropping” and Force Will & Behavior
  • Discover Mental Mixing of the Minds Eye to Create Desire.
  • And  Even More Cool and Sneaky Stuff!

Many of these techniques are rarely taught and most hypnotists don’t even know about them. Now you can have access to what I refer to as “THE TOTAL CONTROL FILES”

Format: Instant PDF

Price: $49.95


The Self Hypnosis Audio Files

More powerful training via audio on how to successfully hypnotize yourself and others. This training is different from what you’ll learn in the videos and from the Control Factor system.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn…
  • Losing weight, controlling your body and eating habits like magic.
  • Quit Bad Habits (Smoking, other indulgences)
  • Perfomance Enhancement-Gain control when you need it. All the time, every time.
  • How To Have Confidence in Meeting Someone of The Opposite Sex.

This is your essential tool kit to change your life forever–BELIEVE IT!

Format: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $49.95

Everything in this system was specifically designed to give you the control you need and desire for any area of your life. I’ve tested these methods on both myself and some of my top students…

The results have been spectacular!

Now, when you get access to this dynamic program, I’m going to give you a terrific bonus to entice you even more…

“My Best Bonus Ever–30 Days FREE Trial Access to The International Mind Force Syndicate…”
Al Perhacs

When You Get My Control Factor Offer You Will Receive 4 Weeks/ 30 Days Access to the  New “International Mind Force Syndicate”. This Is One Of My Most Ambitious Projects To Date. My Most Successful Members Asked Me To Create This Magnificent Addition…

I Call This “Over Delivering & Stacking The Cool”–Here’s What You’ll Receive Every Month Once Inside the Members Area..
  • Videos of Advanced, Concepts & Methods for Mind Force Development in Hypnosis, Attraction, Mentalism, Psychic Energy, Meditation, and other topics
  • PDF Documents and Transcripts of the Monthly training sessions.
  • PDF Books & Manuals on a Host of Topics
  • MP3 Files and Audio Files for you to download directly to your IPod or CD.
  • Interactive Coaching &  Instruction to Questions you ask
  • Cutting Edge Tools and Resources
  • 20% Discount on Any Mind Force Product
  • 50% Credit  for any Mind Force electronic Downloadable course, system or manual
  • Certification after 12 modules are completed

The unique thing about this membership site, is that you, the member will make suggestions on which topics I teach on a monthly basis.All you have to do is email me your questions, and I’ll either answer them by video, audio or during a conference call.

Its that powerful, and that easy!

Once Out of “Beta” The Price Will Be Going Up

Since this is the new version and still in beta, and not yet fully working and testing is needed, I am allowing you 30 day access to this membership and then you lock in for life as a charter member for only $29.95  per month starting in 30 days. (This Membership Will Be Going Up to $49.95 very shortly)

In this membership, you will have access to Advanced Mind Power Training. You will receive videos, MP3 files you can download as well as PDF docs which will go over how you can harness the power of your mind through Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Energy and Attraction. Truly a Mind Blowing Offer, and I’m adding 30 Days for you to try for FREE!

Others could pay as much as $49.95 each month to get access to this when it is out of beta but you will be locked in for life at the low price of just $29.95  for your membership, and you will get this months access for free. I am giving you practically a huge 40% discount for life on this as long as you choose to keep learning from this community.You can cancel at anytime by contacting our office.

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! & You Pay Nothing For 30 days!

This FREE trial can and might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information…

The “Syndicate” runs for 12 months, and contains the most up to date and cutting edge information on Mind Force Hypnosis, Attraction, Meditation and Psychic Power….

Once you complete the 12 months, you will be eligible to become a member of the International Society of Mind Force Practitioners (once certification qualifications are met).

If you wish to cancel, just contact our support staff here before the 4 weeks is up and we will cancel your membership immediately.. However, if you ever decide to come back, it might NOT be at this special $29.95 offer price!

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! After the 30 day/ 4 week trial, you’ll be billed $29.95 per month. If you don’t wish to continue, simply contact our support desk at the link below to cancel.

Velocity Group Support Desk

“For my live events teaching this very same material, I charge $1,497 per person…”
A. Thomas Perhacs

Order Today and begin the process……

I understand I will receive the entire Control Factor System including Videos, Audios, and Documents. I also know I will receive access for 30 days to the International Mind Force Syndicate.

Yes, A. Thomas , I want in! Please let me. I want the “Control Factor System” . Please give me INSTANT access to this awesome treasure trove of knowledge right now. I promise to do the following:

  • I promise to Listen to the MP3 Files and read the written material at least 2 times so that the information becomes ingrained in my brain…
  • I promise to take careful notes so I can start the process getting these techniques to work for me.
  • I understand that upon accepting this form, and placing an investment, I will have immediate access to the all the books and mp3 files. I also understand that I will commit time to learning and applying said techniques.
  • I agree that this is the biggest “no brainer”.. A low investment for great returns. I also understand that this special $67 price will be going to $97 , and that by signing up now, I can take advantage of this price.
  • I have a full 60 days to test drive this fully packed, explosive information and know that if I don’t receive the value I though I would, that I can simply return it for a full refund…
  • I also realize I am getting 30 days to try out your new Mind Force Syndicate. I understand I am under no obligation to continue, but at the end of the 30 day trial, I will be rebilled at the super low price of only $29.95  (Going Up soon to $49.95).

Only $67